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Sastex Beef

Reflections Ranch established in 1992 is nestled in the rolling hill country of central Texas. Represented in the name is our philosophy, reflecting on how Nature had been and how we would return to tranquility and sustainability. That philosophy led us to the practice of embracing ranching as a sustainable form of agriculture not harmful to the land. In the past vast herds roamed, the lands required only seasons and habitat to sustain them; we now follow that concept of low input sustainable agriculture (LISA).

We found a breed of cattle, the Piedmontese breed from Italy, fulfilling our desire to produce a beef product that is not only raised in harmony with Nature, but heart healthy as well. Sastex Beef represents that desire and that product.

Sastex Beef has an intriguing history. The Piedmontese breed first introduced onto the North American continent in the mid 1970’s consisted of four bovine, 2 cows and 2 bulls, brought directly from Italy and delivered to Saskatchewan, Canada. Those 4 animals became the foundation herd established under the name Piedmontese Breeders Limited. From that foundation herd, the first Piedmontese cattle entered the lower 48 finding their initial home in the early 1980’s near New Braunfels, Texas. The name ‘Sastex’, derived from the combination of Saskatchewan and Texas, became the original name for that cattle herd and their registration. Our cattle are descendants of those and hence the name for our beef product, Sastex Beef.

The foothills of Italy give rise to the name and original area of the Piedmontese, a unique breed of cattle. Cave art found in the ancient caves of Italy represent depictions of the Piedmontese breed determined to be over 25,000 years old. The Piedmontese breed is a combination of the bos taurus, combination of breeds from the European continent that are cold tolerant, and the bos indicus, a breed from India that are heat tolerant. Genetically the Piedmontese breed carries 2 special genes that represent the unique qualities of the breed, the hypertropic or double muscling trait and the natural tenderness trait. The Piedmontese breed, known for their genetically lean, tender, and fine quality meat, ended our quest for a heart healthy beef product. Piedmontese Beef is the ONLY beef endorsed by the American Heart Association, lowest in fat and cholesterol, less than skinless chicken or founder, and tender!

Sastex Beef locally raised in harmony with nature has no hormones or antibiotics. We use only natural and organic fertilizers on our fields. Our cattle are maintained on a free choice of seaweed, as a mineral supplement, and diatomaceous earth for the control of parasites. Fresh water is available in each area where the cattle graze.

Processed in a local USDA plant, Sastex Beef is available to individual specifications.

We look forward to serving your exacting needs.
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