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Gloucestershire Old Spot
Gloucestershire Old Spot Breed

One of the Heritage Breeds - GOS or Old Spots was named after the county of Gloucestershire, England.

Considered a lard type hog the Old Spot has the traits of intelligence, docility and productivity. Boars and sows reach mature weights 500 pounds for sows and boars 600 pounds.

The GOS is unmistakably white and must have at least one clearly defined black spot.

The formation of the Gloucestershire Old Spot Breed Society was completed in 1913. Considered the oldest such breed, it appears from paintings the GOS has been around for some 2 to 3 centuries.

Gloucestershire Old Spot has been placed on the 'Critical List' by The Livestock Conservancy.

From Wikipedia Breed characteristics are described as follows:

The GOS breed is white in color with a minimum of one distinct black spot. It has lop ears which will almost cover the face of a mature pig and hang toward the nose.


■Head - Long length with a slightly dished nose. The ears should be well set apart, dropping forward to the nose

■Body - The shoulders should be fine but not raised. A long level back with well sprung ribs and a broad loin are desirable. Deep sides with a thick, full belly and flank from the ribs to hams are standard.

■Hams - Large and we'll filled to the hocks.

■Skin and Coat - Skin should not show coarseness or wrinkles. The hair shoukd be silky and straight.

■Teats - There should be 14 well placed Teats.


■Ears - Short thick and elevated.

■Coat - A rose disqualifies. A line of mane bristles is objectionable. Sandy color may disqualify.

■Skin - Serious wrinkles. Blue undertone not associated with a spot.

■ Legs - Curved

■Neck - Heavy jowls objectionable.
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